Tomorrow, my band is competing at the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Special's band competition. I'm trying really hard not to be nervous, but the thing is, the more I think about not being nervous, the more nervous I become. It's like when someone tells you don't laugh and all of a sudden everything is unbearably... Continue Reading →


Below are the entries copied from my journal chronicling my week at Maine Fiddle Camp. 8.17.14 Today was the first partial day of Maine Fiddle Camp. The morning was spent in preparation, mostly cleaning the house so that the dog sitter doesn't think we're total slobs. We left our house at around 5:30 pm, entered... Continue Reading →

A New Day

I'm finally feeling better, thank goodness. I was getting tired of lying around doing nothing all day. I just hope I don't overdo it and send myself back to my sick bed. It's amazing how when you come out of an illness everything seems so crisp and clear and fresh. Almost like your mind is... Continue Reading →

L.A. Meyer

I've just learned that the wonderful L.A. Meyer, author of the Jacky Faber books, has passed away due to┬ácomplications from refractory Hodgkin's Lymphoma. For those who haven't read his books, go out and buy them now. They are the most wonderful adventure stories, starring the charming Jacky Faber - a strong, independent, and troublesome young... Continue Reading →

Think Good Thoughts

I've really been enjoying posting everyday this past week and I'd like to continue the trend. Now, I may not always have as interesting a subject as documenting a bow making class, but I shall try and post something thought provoking, or entertaining, or at least something not too trivial or banal everyday. Today's post... Continue Reading →

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