Set Those Goals!

When I was about nine or ten, I read a picture book illustrating the entirety of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "There Was a Little Girl" or as I always think of it "The Girl with the Curl in the Middle of Her Forehead." For some reason, that poem, especially the first stanza, has always stuck with me.

Jam Camp

Recently, I've been writing about the not-so-great things that have been happening in my life. Maybe, it seems like I'm in a down period, but the truth is, I'm actually doing pretty well, and it's only because I'm not in a down period that I've been able to blog about my hyper-focus, my friendship issues,... Continue Reading →

Second Guessing

Note: For Context on today's post check out Confessions of a Ghost When something ends, the tendency is to think back to the beginning, to follow all the steps that brought you to failure, to wonder which were missteps, how you could have done better, how your instincts could have been so wrong. I've been second... Continue Reading →


I once spent a week organizing seed beads by color. My box had been tipped over during a move, and everything had gotten mixed up, so I sat down with a pair of tweezers and sorted them out one by one until I'd organized all the beads by ROYGBIV. I don't remember finding it tedious. It was something... Continue Reading →

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