Seven hundred and eleven pages. One hundred ninety-four thousand, six hundred and forty-two words. This morning I hand wrote fifteen pages over the course of two hours. I usually write ten pages over the course of a day, but today I felt like if I didn't finish this draft I never would. I didn't write... Continue Reading →


Yesterday, Mom was sick. We also had a gig playing the Bean Hole Supper at the Camden Rockport Historical Society. As the afternoon progressed and Dad and I realized that there was no way Mom was going to be able to do the gig we started to panic. How were we supposed to play a... Continue Reading →

Hi Ho!

it's back to work I go! So, after such a wonderful awesome weekend of music and community and fabulous-ness, I spent today catching up on the work I actually get paid to do. That's not a bad thing. It was nice to have some me-time, to put in my earbudsĀ and listen to music on Pandora... Continue Reading →


Yesterday Miners Creek, along with Manny's and State of Maine Cheese Co., organized an event called Local Flavor Fare. The goal was to have local artists, vendors, farmers, and musicians come together in a celebration of local industry and creativity. We had very little budget and very little idea of how things would turn out.... Continue Reading →

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