Last year, my parents - who are sainted beings - convinced me to resign from a retail job that I'd held for almost two years in order to focus fully on writing my novel. I was extremely resistant to this idea at first. I don't like to quit. I also don't like to feel as... Continue Reading →


Belief is a difficult subject. It is so personal and individual that I don't much like talking about what I specifically believe in. Truth be told, I don't believe in much. I don't believe life has a greater purpose beyond the continuation of life itself. Individuals give greater meaning to their own lives. They can... Continue Reading →


It's the new year. I know I'm a little late coming to the game, but I thought I'd talk a little bit about resolutions. I'm not very good at making resolutions and sticking to them. At least, I'm not very good at the kind of resolutions that require making big changes. If I resolve to... Continue Reading →

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