My Thanks

One of the things about growing up with a father who works in Emergency Medicine is that he's never been guaranteed to get the holidays off. So, we've gotten used to celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday or Saturday or once we even celebrated it an entire week after the official holiday. This year we're celebrating tomorrow.... Continue Reading →

One Third

I began writing the very earliest version of my book when I was fourteen. It started with a dream in which I was Wendy and Peter Pan got me pregnant and I ran away to a magical land and became an immortal queen. None of that original dream features in the current draft of my... Continue Reading →

Tea and Adrenalin

Yesterday, was our first day of recording. I mentioned that I had a sore throat. It vanished completely with the aid of massive quantities of tea and adrenalin. The recording process itself, went over fairly smoothly. We did an average of two takes for each song. (Some we did three takes for, some we got through... Continue Reading →


Today, the band is starting to record our first album. Needless to say it's an exciting, nerve-wracking day, made all the more nerve-wracking by the fact that I spent last night trying to cough up a lung and this mourning my throat is rough as sandpaper. It's getting better with each subsequent cup of tea... Continue Reading →

Be Nice

I thought I'd take a moment today to talk about my least favorite aspect of the internet: trolls. I hate them. I hate that they feel that they can get away with saying hurtful things to strangers because they're anonymous. I hate that there's rarely any consequence for trolling. Some people may say I'm being... Continue Reading →

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