Paid in Food

My very busy week went very well. On Friday, the band played at the Union Farmers Market. It was a gorgeous afternoon, warm, but not too hot, with a lovely breeze. We played on a green in the shade of a tree. I think I like playing outdoors the best. It makes me feel so... Continue Reading →


When I was five-years-old, I had a nightmare that I will never forget. In it, every adult I knew was wearing a mask that looked exactly like their real face, only I knew that it wasn't their real face. I knew that they weren't really the people they were supposed to be. I knew it... Continue Reading →

Father Otter

When we lived in Colorado, my dad worked for the ambulance service twenty-four hours on, twenty-four hours off. By all rights he should have spent his off days asleep, getting some "me time", but instead he spent it with me and my brother. He played with us at the rec center. He took us camping and... Continue Reading →

The Pack

When I was born, my parents had two dogs: a standard poodle named Simon and a flat coat retriever mix named Crissy. Simon was delighted by my sudden, unexpected arrival and immediately claimed me as his baby. Crissy, who was completely and utterly devoted to my mother, took it upon herself to be my protector.... Continue Reading →

A Return to Birdy Days

Author's Note: this is a fun little essay that I wrote last summer based on a writing exercise known as the dreaded association, in which you trade out words in a sentence for a related word. It's actually a little more complicated than that, but I'll spare you the gory details. Please enjoy. When it was birdy and hot... Continue Reading →

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