My last post was about my March goals, which are extensive. Today's post is about how I'm not going to achieve those goals and why that's okay. I've been struggling with carpal tunnel, primarily in my right wrist, which is the weaker of the two owing to an old injury. I think it's being caused... Continue Reading →

For Accountability

My goal this year is to write three complete novel first drafts so that I get into the habit of finishing things. I figured that since I've spent the last two years focused almost exclusively on revisions that having a drafting goal would be a good thing. So far, it's going surprisingly well. As of... Continue Reading →

I've been in Australia for exactly one month today and the homesickness is setting in. It's not that I'm unhappy or not having a good time, it's just that it's been a month since I last saw my dogs. It's been a month since I last sat on my sofa. It's been a month since... Continue Reading →

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